Heating and ventilation structures are developed to provide the inhabitants of a building with a degree of thermal comfort. A system’s ability to maintain the minimum level of comfort depends upon a variety of factors, such as air quality supply, control systems. However, a spatial air distribution is the most difficult parameter to measure. Air circulation is often influenced by an infinite range of factors, even with specifically built systems: furniture positioning, spray change and real machine working.

Jet Diffusers that TECHNALCO supplies in UAE generates room air and blends the room and air over the occupied space, is the most common form of air diffuser in office space. The result of jet nozzle diffuser is low air speed in the occupied spaces and uniform temperatures around the region under ideal conditions. However, most research indicates that the air speed in the region under occupation is more a feature than an air distribution mechanism of convection currents producing room charges.

Jet Diffusers are suited for spacious and high-decked areas like theatres, concert halls, gymnasiums, shopping atriums, showrooms, etc. In a single panel multiple jet diffusers for large air volumes can be combined. The Jet Diffusers are equipped with trajectory control for a long distance. TECNALCO is a leading jet nozzle diffuser manufacturer in UAE, with the commitment of lowest price and fast service in the UAE market.