TECNALCO sand trap louver are AMCA certified, which are tested in accordance with AMCA standard 500-L.TECNALCO is also a manufacturer leader of sand trap louvres in UAE. In areas subjected to intense industrial emissions, the sand trap louver is used as a filter pro for the safety of air conditioning plants. Also in cases of high dust levels, it has a degree of sand separation and large particles of dust. Sand drainage parts and holes are arranged vertically such that the sand trap louvre is free of maintenance and auto-cleaning. The sand trap louver is configured for separating large particles at low airspeeds, preventing excessive loading of dust on traditional plant filters. It is not designed to replace conventional air filtration supply plants.

Description of our Sand trap louver:

  • Frame and blades with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity are made of high quality extruded aluminum profiles.
  • It consists of two sets of vertically mounted inverted U channels in two opposite rows.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and ideal for various weather conditions. As a standard construction, Sand Louver is fitted with galvanized bird wire mesh.
  • Sand Louver is a self-emptying device that has a 20 mm series of holes to discharge separated sand particles at the bottom face of the casing.
  • Built for sand and dust separating from the airflow.
  • Used in general for ventilation and the air handling unit inlet duct. 

With optional accessories such as bird screen, insect screen, aluminum mesh filter, volume control damper, TECNALCO highly efficient sand trap louvers are available. You can find us as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sand trap louvers in the UAE. Our first-class delivery on time with a pocket-friendly budget is the reason for being a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sand trap louvers.