Ecology unit

Tecnalco Ecology Unit, a Pollution Control Unit that removes the odor, smoke, oil, and grease particles from commercial kitchens. The unit is an integral part of the commercial kitchens serving hotels, restaurants, food courts, corporate canteens, hospitals, and the food industry.

Airflow range : 1000 CFM – 30000 CFM

Unit Colour : RAL 7047 as standard

Frame : Extruded Anodized Aluminium with plain Profile

Casing/Panels : Doubles skin with Galvanised steel sheet at 45mm & 25mm

Insulation: Polyurethane foam & Rockwool.

Filters are as per EN 779/ ISO 16890

UL listed/Eurovent certified Filters

UL listed Electro static precipitator

AMCA Certified Centrifugal Fans

Fire rated Fans available (200°C @ 2hrs / 400°C @ 2hr)

VFD Compactible Motors available with IP55 as standard

IE2/IE3 Motors available

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