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TECNALCO – Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory is the famous brand of the largest and oldest air distribution products manufacturer and supplier in UAE. It was founded in 1981 and since then has become a renowned supplier of high quality air supplies and duct accessories among distinguished customers.

We are a high-tech state-of-the-art company and a specialist in the design and manufacturing of air conditioning systems. We are a competent manufacturer and supplier of HVAC air distribution products in UAE. Our products meet international quality requirements and are widely recognised on numerous markets across the globe, so our firm is rapidly increasing these years. We value creativity of quality and development of our brand.

The manufacturing site of TECNALCO is in Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates which is one of the largest and oldest air distribution products manufacturers. It offers the consumer-durable segment, heat exchangers and parts, and the OEM segment and air conditioning sets. Our customers appreciate our quality of service and offering and reflect the fact that TECNALCO has consistently been recognized as the best HVAC services business.

Our product offerings include: grilles & registers, linear bar grilles, square diffusers, slot diffusers, round diffusers, perforated diffusers, air louvers, exhaust valves, door grilles, non return dampers, sand trap louvers, jet diffusers, volume control dampers, fire dampers, sound attenuators, plenum boxes and access doors.

In terms of efficiency, cost & distribution the core deliverable Amber is placed strongly with the knowledge of components such as heat exchangers, sheet metal components, injection molding components, system tube and motors. with its distribution channels. It has made it the leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC air distribution products in UAE.


The first operating cycle for Tecnalco ‘Aluminum Technological Engineering Firm’ started in 1981. We are the leading air distribution products and fire damper manufacturer in UAE.

At the time the business was founded by two enterprising and hard-working young U.A.E locals from the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, a collaboration between Mr Ibrahim Saeed Alghas and Mr Adul Salam Mohammad Al Zooroonis, who dealt with the task of manufacturing doors , windows, kitchen cabinets and fixed partitions to provide for the growing demand resulting from building construction. Tecnalco was one of the first firms in the UAE to manufacture these products, but in 1984 it had been decided to change operations for central A / C grilles, diffusers and door grilles etc.. In this segment it was decided to manufacture them.

Along with the company’s experience, the product list expanded to include several new products that were then grouped into
our product catalogue’s nine chapters.

With the growing U.A.E market for almost three decades , the company has continued to grow and prosper, raising its technological know-how. The product range of Tecnalco has expanded to include products such as volume control dampers, sound attenuators, fire dampers, jet diffusers, air louvers, exhaust valves and perforated diffusers in the 17 chapters of its catalogue. We also provide sand trap louver installation in UAE

After Mr. Abdul Salam chose to pursue other business interests, the company was acquired entirely in June 1999 by Mr. Ibrahim  Alghas. Under the leadership alone of Mr. Ibrahim Alghas, Tecnalco has continued to succeed and has improved its name as a market leader in the industry of manufacturing HVAC air distribution products in the UAE.

The decision to change the name from business to factory was taken in 2008, reiterating the fact that we are now producers and not just traders in the field. Mr. Ibrahim named his son Mr. Ahmed Alghas, a graduate of Kingston University in the UK, in 2009 to take over Tecnalco’s future growth, who immediately began to systematically upgrade procedures, eliminate any obsolete systems or practices while building on the strengths of Tecnalco. In conjunction with many other technological changes, a website has been developed which helps smooth day-to-day operations, providing more detail, faster response times and enabling Tecnalco to better meet its customers’ needs.

Tecnalco is only one of Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Alghas popular groups of companies today, each of which is a pioneer in their respective fields, including: Arabian Extrusions Factory, Al Falaj Water, A1 Plast, and Emirates Plastics.

Now, the TECHNALCO has set very high standards as a manufacturer for HVAC air distribution products in the UAE. In addition to ensuring quality excellence and upholding a ‘customer first’ mindset in both its preparation and execution, the plants are also continually updated and revamped to keep pace with evolving technologies and global practices, keeping them a step ahead of the industry at all times. In order to continue being environmentally responsible and environmentally sustainable, each plant is also continually improving its practices.


TECNALCO is headed by Managing Director, Chairman and Owner – Mr. Ibrahim Al Ghas.

Also the owner of Arabian Extrusions Factory, Al Falaj Pure drinking water, Emirates Plastics and A1 PLAST, Mr. Ibrahim has devoted a great amount of time and effort to achieving success in the market, and his keen business skills have helped to give his companies a competitive edge. Always ready to invest the resources needed to develop and improve the company; his strong participation reinforces confidence in our brand and product.

The company is run on a day to day basis by Managing Director – Mr. Ahmed Al Ghas, also director of Arabian Extrusions Factory and the son of Mr. Ibrahim Alghas, Mr. Ahmed has the skills and experience necessary to keep TECNALCO where it needs to be.

Our sales and marketing department is headed by Sales Manager – Mr. Alam Zaidi. With a great amount of experience, having spent over a quarter of a century in the industry, Mr. Alam has an in depth and thorough knowledge of the market and is well poised to cater to all kinds of specific market needs and requirements.

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Motorized Smoke Fire Dampers

Motorized Smoke Fire Dampers

Motorized fire damper is like normal damperMSFD(Motorized smoke fire damper) is a damper which has an actuator to provide action upon control signal from the main fire control is used at all the outlet of smoke exhaust or fresh air mock up and works as close damper.

fire damper manufacturer

Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers designed to stop spread of fireThe folding blade fire, damper manufactured by TECNALCO and designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts, walls, ceilings, doors, partition walls or floors

Variable air volume

Variable air volume

Variable air volume dampersVariable air volume. Variable air volume (VAV) is a type of heating, ventilating, and/or air-conditioning (HVAC) system. Unlike constant air volume (CAV) systems, which supply a constant airflow at variable temperature, VAV systems vary the airflow at a constant temperature

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Access Doors

Access Doors assure tight door closureTECNALCO Access doors offer quick & easy installation wherever duct access is needed. Manual Cam locks assure tight door closure and continuous Piano – type hinge models give smooth operation.

volume control dampers

Volume Control Dampers

Volume Dampers multi blade volume control dampersTECNALCO, an industry, leader in quality air moving products, manufactures high quality aerofoil and ordinary type volume control dampers.

TECNALCO multi blade volume control dampers are used in heating, ventilating, air conditioning plants and applications, where they are not subjected to water spray, salt spray and other corrosive fumes.

TECNALCO standard and low leakage control dampers are designed for economical and reliable air volume control.

Access panels are building structures or products which are placed in areas where constant and quick access is required. Access panel suppliers in UAE offers varied kinds of panels for several purposes. They are available in numerous designs, size and materials. There are small panels as well as panels which are as high as doors with single leaf or double leaf.  According to your requirement you can custom make it or opt for a finished panel. The high panels provide easy access to people, equipments, machinery and tools. Electricity, water, gas compartments etc can be covered using the small panels. The panels also act as a shield against the spreading of fire from wires and other components of electrical system. Difficult to reach areas like the spaces behind the ceilings, walls etc can be easily reached through access panels. Electrical and mechanical systems of a building can also be easily and quickly reached through access panels. Repairs, inspection and maintenance work become trouble free as wires, pipes and ductworks can easily be accessed. Access panels are used in almost all kinds of constructions of buildings. Materials like aluminum, steel, vinyl, plastic etc are used for making access panels. They also help in concealing different materials and components like wires, cables HVAC equipments etc. They act as a storage compartment for these materials. Since different components can be concealed using access panel it makes the outside space look large and well arranged. 

Access panel applications


Besides storing cables, wires and electrical systems access panels can also be used to store valuable materials like documents. There are access panels with locks which make this possible. Thus they not only offer security from HVAC components and electrical wires but also offer security to valuable and precious items. They can be installed in banks, government offices etc. Some come with fire safety rating also. 


As pointed out earlier access panels make it possible to reach areas such as ceilings, basements, roofs, floors etc. Safe and easy access to electrical, mechanical and plumbing ducts etc is possible through access panels. 

Better Utilization of space

The available space can be utilized well using access panels. No one would want open spaces in their walls or ceilings. Access panels free up space and provide an aesthetic look to the area. They can be designed as per your idea and can easily blend into the surrounding environment. If the area is also small access panels offers functionality and better usage of the limited area. 

Comes in varied designs

Whether you need panel to cover a small area or need a panel for a big opening, access panel can be designed to meet your demand. They come in varied types, and designs and serves different functionality. 

Get quality access panels from Tecnalco, the leading access panel suppliers in UAE.


Flow bar diffuser

Flow bar systems are installed for maintaining air flow and for proper air conditions in the room. Flow bar diffuser manufactures in UAE offers Flow bar systems that are mainly installed in walls or in ceilings.  Air is distributed in different directions using flow bar systems. Flow bar diffuser manufactures in UAE have mainly two types of flow bar series; they are Jet Throw Flow Bar System and High Throw (HT) Series. Jet Throw Flow Bar System is installed on walls and is used for high bay applications. It has a pattern controller which makes the airstream to be jetted in a horizontal direction. It also has pattern controllers which make the airstream to be directed up and down. High Throw (HT) Series is mainly made for ceiling application. The pattern controller in it makes the air to stream horizontally and vertically towards left or right and also downwards. Flow bar system is very useful for keeping optimum air flow. They can be completely integrated into the wall system or the ceiling system. Flow bar system can blend with your space and complement your design. They will not look out of place in a building architecture. They are easy to install and serve its functionality well. They are efficient and can manage huge air volumes. There are several options of accessories for flow bar system and hence they can be configured according to different specifications. The accessories can include end caps, end borders, mitered corners, blank offs, alignment strips etc. 

Air Filter

Air Filters eliminate airborne particles, microorganisms, smoke, aerosols, odors, smoke and so on that are perilous to the wellbeing of people and the environment. Pollutants in the air can lead to discomfort, allergies and other diseases. Air filters effectively remove these pollutants from the atmosphere. In industries and commercial settings air filters also help in safeguarding the quality of products and equipments. Air filter devices filter exhaust and stack gasses and make them clean before the air is released to the surroundings. Air Filters are placed in homes, workplaces, business spaces, research facilities, clinics etc. They can be manufactured from steel, carbon, paper, foam, fiberglass, plastic or aluminum. There are also pleated and non pleated air filters. Pleated air filters have more filtration area and can filter the microscopic pollutants while non-pleated air filters have less filtration area and are recommended for high pressures of airflow. Tecnalco Air filter supplier in UAE offers various types of air filters.

Air Filters have wide range of applications. Different types of air filters are used in different types of industries and spaces. For instance air filters are used during the different process of vehicle production. In vehicles HEPA air filtration is used during fluid filtration for coatings, solvents, oils and deionised water and for paint application. There are also engine air filters, cabin air filters, car exhaust filters, and diesel particulate filters (DPF). 

Some other applications of air filters include

  • Commercial and residential ventilation systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Hospitals
  • Bio-pharmaceutical 
  • Industrial workspaces
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Automotive

Contact Tecnalco, the best air filter supplier in UAE for a clean and safe environment.

Sand Trap Louver

Sand trap louvers are extremely useful for filtering and separating sand and other large pollutants from the air. Sand trap louvers come with screen. Louvers isolate large particles at low air velocities. They are placed vertically and have openings or holes for drainage of sand. The drain holes are of apt diameter and are found at the bottom of the louver. Sand trap louvers are maintenance free and are installed primarily in industries that are exposed to constant pollution and concentration of high sand dust. Sand trap louvers come with optional accessories like volume control damper, insert screen, aluminium mesh filter etc. Finishing option flexibility is also available. Tecnalco, one of the best sand trap louver suppliers in UAE have high quality Sand trap louvers with frame and blades of standard grade. They are corrosion resistant and durable. The compactable size of the louvers makes it easy to mount and install. 

Buy louvers from Tecnalco, the number one sand trap louver suppliers in UAE.

Sound Attenuators Manufacturers

Sound Attenuators

To combat noise problemsThe sound attenuators are designed by TECNALCO to combat noise problems. All fans/impellers used in air conditioning system produce noise, relevant to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise is generated by the fluctuations of radiated pressure and these pressure waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions, causing “duct born noise “and break out”.

non return damper

Non Return Dampers

self closing dampers, black pressure dampers, gravity dampers, pressure relief dampersTECNALCO ‘NRD’ type models are also named as ‘self closing dampers ‘or ‘Back pressure dampers ‘or ‘gravity dampers or ‘pressure relief dampers’. These are air operated ,opening or closing dampers for intake, discharge and pressure relief vents in air conditioning systems .

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Ceiling Diffusers

ceiling diffusers can supply large volumes of conditioned air at acceptable sound levelsTECNALCO ceiling diffusers can supply large volumes of conditioned air acceptable sound levels and pressure drops, when over all dimensions of the diffuser are limited by modular ceiling systems or architectural considerations.

Round Diffusers

Round Diffusers

it is provide supply or return of conditioned air at acceptable sound levelsTECNALCO Round diffusers are designed to provide supply or return of conditioned air at acceptable sound levels, pressure drops and uniform radial discharge in supply air application &are suitable for supply air temperature differentials of +10Kto 10K

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Grilles and Registers

Grills and registers provide a high standard of quality solid constructionTECNALCO grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality, solid construction, and quiet, controlled performance.

Grilles and Registers

Linear Bar Grilles

TECNALCO linear bar grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality.TECNALCO Linear bar grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality, solid construction, and quiet, controlled performance.

Linear Slot Diffusers

Linear Slot Diffusers

supply,return, dummy linear slot diffusers.TECNALCO modulinear slot diffusers are specially designed to provide supply or return air heating.

Air Louvres

Air Louvres

Air Louvres for both intake and exhaust air applications TECNALCO horizontal outside louvers designed for both intake and exhaust air applications. Two different TECNALCO types of louvers of light and heavy-duty construction with their strong, clean and careful worship enhance the applications in industrial and commercial works.

intake and exhaust air louvre

Exhaust Valves

Exhaust valves blend readily with contemporary room designs.TECNALCO exhaust valves blend readily with contemporary room design and snapped into the concealed T-bars .The TEV types present a surface flush with the surrounding ceiling tiles.

jet diffuser

Jet Diffusers

Tecnalco Jet Diffuser with PanelTECNALCO Jet Diffusers or named as jet Nozzles are specially designed to handle high air flow rates and provide relatively long throws which make them particularly suitable for conditioning of large spaces such as halls, warehouses and auditorium etc

sand trap louver installation

Sand Trap Louvres

It is a substitute for conventional supply air filtration plant.The sand trap louver is designed to separate large size sand particles at low air velocities thus avoiding excessive dust loading of conventional filters. It is not intended as a substitute for a conventional supply air filtration plant.

Transfer Grilles


Transfer Grilles

largest free area possible with completely sight- proof core design TECNALCO transfer grilles offer the largest free possible with a completely sight-proof core design .they are widely used ,not only in doors and partitions, but also in place of conventional exhaust and return grilles where it is important that the interior of the plenum or duct be concealed .

Flow Bars

Flow Bars

High capacity linear slot diffuserFlow bar is an architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffuser.It is designed to combine a high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility and is suitable for either celing or sidewall applications.

Cable Management system

Cable management system

Cable management systemTecnalco cable management system includes complete set of cable trays ,cable ladders .strut system and cable trunking.


Quality Control


“We are committed to quality products and service, with the aim of fully satisfying our valued customers.

Our ongoing goal is to be trend setters in our industry, with a proactive approach from each and every empowered employee allowing us to ensure prompt delivery and reliable service.

Our competency in this field will lead us to achieve great heights.”

– Ibrahim Saeed Al Ghas, Managing Director


Select products have been tested by ETL testing laboratories (now ITS testing services) in Cortland, New York, according to air diffusion council standard for air distribution devices. These products were tested for throw, terminal velocity, air stream drop and noise spectrum (acoustic levels).

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