Sound At Tenuators

The Sound attenuators are designed by TECNALCO to combat noise problems. All fans / impellers used in air conditioning system produce noise, relevant to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise is generated by the fluctuations of radiated pressure and these pressure waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions, causing “duct born noise” and “break out” or “flanking noise”..

After approximately determining the sound reduction requirements of the concerned area select suitable sound attenuator to match or reduce noise to the target level, while selecting sound attenuator following parameters are to be considered.

Insertion loss

Airlfow regenerated noise

Static pressure drop

Forward or reverse flow.

Galvanised steel outer casing of the sound attenuator is designed to HVAC standards, perforated splitters are filled with an odourless incombustible, vermin proof and moisture proof inorganic sound absorbing material. Primary function of this unit is to reduce noise, operated smoothly, efficiently and trouble free service.

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