Grilles And Registers

TECNALCO grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality, solid construction and quiet, controlled performanc


Extruded aluminium blades with aerofoil cross section for minimum turbulance.

The horizontal and vertical vanes are provided with nylon bushes for rattle free operation.

Borders are one piece construction in size through 1200 mm x 1200 mm, for smooth appearance and easy installation.

Counter sunk screw holes accommodate metal screws, heads flush with surface of border

Registers have opposed blade dampers for minimum disturbance of air stream.

Auxiliary frames available on request for neat and separable mounting in plaster and other wall materials.

Sponge foam gasket provided on request.


Linear Bar Grilles

TECNALCO Linear bar grilles and registers provide a high standard of quality, solid construction and quiet, controlled perforrmance

Extruded aluminium anodised linear bars with aerofoil cross section for minimum turbulance.

For side wall or sill, for supply or return air in heating, cooling or ventilating applications, available in a variety of core- styles, borders and fastening methods.

They combine architectural beauty with outstanding performance and versatility with fixed bar type blades parallel to the grille’s longer dimension.

For perfect, continuous line usage on a large variety of applications, joining strips are provided in proper lengths with no extra cost.

Registers have opposed blade dampers for minimum disturbance of air stream.

Auxiliary frames available on request for neat and seperable mounting in plaster and other wall materials.

Sponge gasket is provided on request for air tight fixing applications.


Transfer Grilles

Constructed out of extruded aluminium sections, comprising a front section with inverted ‘V’ horizontal blades, borders countersunk for screw fixing

The models DGT-1, DGT-2, door, wall and partition grilles are designed to ensure free transfer of air flow.

The grilles are made to withstand the heavy use, to which door grilles are subjected.

Any combination of the listed sizes can be supplied

For performance data and fixing details see other pages.

Available in natural anodised, and bronze anodised aluminium finish.

Other colours are optional in powder coated finish.

TECNALCO transfer grilles or door grilles offer the largest free area possible with a completely sight-proof core design. They are widely used, not only in doors and partitions, but also in place of conventional exhaust and return grilles where it is important that the interior of the plenum or duct be concealed.


Linear Slot Diffusers

TECNALCO modulinear slot diffusers are specially designed to provide supply or return air in heating, cooling or ventilating systems. Constructed of extruded aluminium, these diffusers can be used in virtually any type of ceiling.

All types of models are designed to give full flexibility in volume and air pattern control.

Single or multiple slot arrangement will provide full 180° adjustable air diffusing patterns.

Air diffusion pattern can be made horizontal along the ceiling, vertically downwards or intermediate.

Deflecting vanes and integral volume damper can be adjusted from the face of the diffuser. By adjusting the integral damper flow volume can be adjusted. The flow control does not affect the air pattern.

Positive alingment of adjacent sections using alignment strips, provided with each diffuser.

The integral volume control damper is designed in a unique way that it can be used as an equalizing grid.

The diffuser is constructed from high quality aluminium extrusions.


Ceiling Diffusers

TECNALCO ceiling diffusers can supply large volumes of conditioned air at acceptable sound levels and pressure drops, when over all dimensions of the diffuser are limited by modular ceiling systems or architectural considerations.The excellent performance is completed by a pleasing appearance that hormonizes with various architectural details, especially in modular ceiling systems.

Available in square and rectangluar shapes, with different directions of discharging core styles for 1, 2, 3 and 4 way in horizontal path

Available with Flanged border (standard type) or Recessed border (Type ‘C’).

Material is of extruded aluminium in natural anodised finish.

Internal core is of spiral spring loaded, easily removable type, to provide easy access and for adjustment of key operated opposed blade damper.

Rear dampers and ancillaries are of aluminium mill finish. Available with black matt finish in colour on request

Face is of extruded aluminium natural anodised or bronze anodised colour. Available on request in any colour, powder coated in satin, glossy or matt finish.

Available with optional extended panels to suit modular ceilings.


Round Diffusers

‘TECNALCO’ Round Diffusers are designed to provide supply or return of conditioned air at acceptable sound levels, pressure drops and uniform radial discharge in supply air application & are suitable for supplyair temperature differentials of +10K to 10 K

The Round Diffusers are constructed from high quality aluminium sheet & having sheet thickness about 1.25 mm.

Inner cores are removable type.

Gasket is sealed around the back of the frame to avoid air leakage.

Butterfly Damper is fixed with the frame by rivets. (standard)

Butterfly Damper operated through Diffuser face. (stud adjustable)

Butterfly Damper is made of galvanised steel sheet having thickness 1.0mm.


Perforated Diffusers

TECNALCO ceiling diffusers with perforated face, are recommended for heating, ventilating and cooling in centralised air conditioning systems.

Efficient, draftlless air distribution for all types of ceilings. Air pattern controllers do not damper the air in any way. Flow rate and sound level remain constant regardless of air pattern required.

Air pattern controllers can be replaced to any desired pattern.

Perforated surface plate completely conceals pattern controllers.

Always available in powder coated finish in any colour to match with the false ceiling grid.

For supply diffusers, perforated face is dropped slightly below the ceiling.

Concealed fixing and easily removable perforated face, give easy access to air pattern deflectors and control damper

Suitable for installation into tiled cielings.

Spigot air inlets are available in a variety of sizes, suitable for flexible duct connections.

Plenum box is optional



FlowBar is an architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffuser. It is designed to combine a high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility and is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications. The flexibility of the system can blend into a design or provide contrast with its striking but simple design. FlowBar is a flexible system thatcan provide straight lines or curves to blend with other architectural elements and enhance the overall concept of the project.

High capacity single slot diffuser available in five slot of 25mm, 38 mm, 51mm, 63 mm and 76 mm

Choice of HT (High Throw) series horizontal or JT (Jet Throw) series vertical air patterns

Options include : Mitred corners, curved and angled end sections.

Ceeiling or side wall applications

Curved Sections

Corner Pieces

Adjustable Discharge pattern

Concealed Fixing

Matching Plenum Boxes


Exhaust Valves

TECNALCO exhaust valves blend readily with contemporary room designs and snapped into the concealed T-bars. The TEV types present a surface flush with the surrounding ceiling tiles. Because of the internal contours of the annular slot, formed by the outer cone. and the central disc, the exhaust air pattern is uniformly circular. Threre is a strong ‘cooling ’ effect for excellent variable air volume performance.

The internal contours of the annular slot formed by the outer cone and the central disc, gives a circular uniform exhaust in pattern.

By simple adjustment of the central disc, the TEV ‘E’ maintain an excellent performance even for variable air volume applications.

A mounting ring made of galvanised sheet steel is supplied for quick and easy concealed installation from below the ceiling line.

The outer body is fitted with a foam gasket to form an air-tight seal with the mounting ring.

Always available with powder coated colour finish to match with the false ceiling grid or tile.

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