Volume Control Dampers

TECNALCO, an industry, leader in quality air moving products, manufactures high quality aerofoil and ordinary type volume control dampers
TECNALCO multi blade volume control dampers are used in heating, ventilating, air conditioning plants and applications, where they are not subjected to water spray, salt spray and other corrosive fumes.
TECNALCO standard low leakage control dampers are designed for economical and reliable air volume control.

Available in two different types of constructions

Parallel blade operation

Opposed blade operation

Parallel blade operation

Opposed blade operation

All types and models of volume control dampers are made of galvanized sheet steel of thickness 1.2 mm / optional 1 mm / 1.5 mm / 2mm, according to the design conditions.-as per SMACNA standards.


Round Volume Control Dampers

TECNALCO models VCD-‘TR’/ ‘TR’- H are round volume control dampers designed to access easily with circular ducts. In these models the controlling blade is made of galvanised sheet steel perforated sheet of mild steel respectively. The adjustable controlling blade is mounted on nylon bushes or bronze bushes with a manually operated quadrant.


Motorized Volume Control Dampers

TECNALCO , MVCD and MR-VCD models are provided with electrically driven actuator. These are available in all the models. Different models of actuators are used based on the clients requirements


Non - Return Damper

TECNALCO ‘NRD’ type models are also named as ‘self closing dampers’ or ‘ back pressure dampers’ or ‘gravity dampers’ or ‘pressure relief dampers’.
These are air operated, opening or closing dampers for intake, discharge and pressure relief vents in air conditioning systems

Smooth and maintenance free blade operation

The blades are made of 0.9mm thickness of extruded aluminium.

The blades are fitted with brass bushes through aluminium rods to the main frame for strong and rigid construction even for variable air pressures.

Aluminium blades are fitted with brass bushes for rattle free and smooth operation.

Frame is fitted with aluminium strips to prevent the over movement of the blades.

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