Typical HVAC System Types and Operations

The purpose of an HVAC system, short for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, is to make the indoor air clean and comfortable. The HVAC systems bought from the HVAC manufacturers in UAE provide heating, cooling, ventilation and temperature control for the room they are placed in.

There are mainly two types of HVAC systems – the ducted kind and the ductless kind.

In the ductless variety, the air is pushed through a series of air ducts as part of cooling and heating. In the ductless system, there will be no air ducts, and the main unit pushes air through other methods.

The Split system AC

The Split system is the most commonly used HVAC system in residential systems, since it contains separate components for heating and cooling. There will be a thermostat to control the temperature. This is the ducted kind and can be bought from Technalco, the best HVAC manufacturers in UAE .

Zoned System

The zoned system provides a more comfortable environment for users as it gives them greater control over the temperature. It is mostly used in large homes with multiple HVAC systems.

Packaged heating and cooling systems

This is mainly used in buildings with very less storage space. Hence their heating and cooling components like the compressor, condenser and evaporator are stored within a single unit, and stored somewhere else, mainly roof, attic, etc. They cost less than split systems, can be easily installed and maintained just as easily.

Hybrid Split system

The hybrid split system has so many similarities with the split systems. However, the difference is that the air conditioning system does not rely solely on gas for the heating, but can switch to electric power when needed.

The ductless variety – portable spot cooler and heat pump

If you are going for the ductless HVAC systems, then you will find them so commonly available from the HVAC manufacturers in UAE. The portable spot cooler and the portable heat pump are the two most common varieties of the ductless system. And then you have the Hydronic heating system, where the heating system uses liquid to heat the room and not air.

The portable spot coolers are like portable AC units and used mainly in large rooms, outdoor space and manufacturing facilities. They draw in the ambient air, push it through the closed loop coil, cools it with the refrigerant and then pumps it back into space.

The portable heat pump also works in a similar fashion to the spot cooler, the only difference is that it has a heating option meant for colder environments. So you can switch it to the heat mode whenever needed and instead of cool air, the system dispenses warm air.

You can remember that:

  • The hybrid systems are the most preferred system because they are energy saving.
  • The split systems are most commonly used HVAC systems.
  • The packaged systems are just perfect for small houses.

The HVAC systems will function optimally when their maintenance is done regularly. Replacement of the air filters will ensure their functioning to the fullest capacity. You can buy the filters from a reputed and reliable air filter supplier in UAE to ensure the systems work the longest to their maximum potential. Get in touch with犀利士
Technalco to more about HVAC systems and sit filters.

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