How do fire dampers work as ventilators?

Fire damper manufacturer in UAE

The property owners recognize the importance of adequate steps or measures against fire damage. Fire damper manufacturer in UAE can install the equipment in different areas at home or in a commercial building. Although the damper is not the only product to look for, it is important to inspect the different other parts of the system to work efficiently in the misfortunate event of a fire. The latest HVAC air distribution products in UAE include the fire dampers as the pre-installed system. It is important to get the periodic inspection and repaired and understand their working.

How do they work?

Fire dampers begin the operation when the room temperatures go up to 165°F. This is the point at which the fuse of the fire damper will melt and the door closes automatically. The property owners need to understand that the places at which the fire dampers are installed usually do not get this temperature and have higher melting points than 165°F.

What is the necessity?

It is important to incorporate the fire safety equipment in the ductwork of any house or office. The exhaust valves exporters in UAE give different options to choose from and install the equipment to spread fire during an accident. The fire spread is retarded to spread to the rest of the home and the smoke doesn’t travel through the ductwork in any fire event.

Fire Dampers in Ventilation Systems

The fire damper manufacturer in UAE intends to install the systems in ventilation areas as the cut-off baffles that separate the fire zone from the rest of the building. The major function of KWP type of fire dampers is to restrain the fire spread, temperature, and smoke. It additionally uses the actuators for use in the mixed ventilation systems. There are fire dampers available for vertical and horizontal installation that is used in walls and ceiling-fixed AC systems.

A fire damper is constructed, manufactured, and tested as per the standards for Ventilation for Buildings. The sensitivity of the equipment is checked by the tests following the guidelines for the testing and service installation. The usual construction of a fire damper consists of two bodies manufactured using the galvanized steel that is separated by the insulated dividers with a thick fire-resistant material. Fire dampers are manufactured for use in chemically aggressive surroundings, such as laboratories, the food industry, the chemical industry, or similar platforms. In this case, the steel components are replaced by acid-resistant steel that doesn’t corrode or wears away soon.

Fire damper manufacturer in UAE


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