Access control systems enable businesses and industries to determine who should gain access to their premises, and who should not. There are different types of access control systems, it can be through software in the form of virtual security and other kinds of authentication methods that will physically restrict unauthorized entry. Partnering with access door suppliers in UAE would enable you to secure your building and protect your valuables.
Types of Access control systems that you can get from access door suppliers in UAE

Before deciding which kind of access control systems to go for, it would be wise to understand the different types in which they come in. Check them out:

The phrase role-based probably already gives you an inkling of what kind of access this would grant. This kind of access is given to people working within a company and assuming certain roles. The administrators decide which people should be assigned which roles and where they need to be to execute their duties. They will be permitted to those areas, and based on hierarchies and responsibilities will or will not be granted access to other areas of the company. This kind of access control is very useful when you have people handling lots of confidential data and information.

Role Based Access Control or RBAC

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

In Discretionary Access Control, it is the discretion of the administrators to decide to whom they should give what level of access. This is more of a decentralized control where the administrators can add or remove permissions and users. However, this could be a time-consuming task and could need a team managing the access control systems because, with large enterprises, mistakes are likely to happen, especially when you have to deal with a huge number of employees.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)

ABAC is the third type of access control system provided. It is complex as well because you have to consider a lot of attributes in defining which users have access to and to which resources. However, it also gives the admins flexibility to decide which users should be granted entry to the different areas of the property and decide according to the context.

Authentication methods for authorized personnel come in different formats:

Card-based authentication - Containing embedded chips or magnetic strips, card-based authentication is the most widely used one in all organizations.<br>

Biometric authentication - This uses facial recognition or iris scanning to admit a person into the building. Other biometric authentication methods commonly used are fingerprint and voice recognition.<br>

PIN-based authentication - In this kind of authentication, the employee types their PIN on the security system to gain access to the building.


The access door suppliers in UAE would help you fit all the software and hardware components and define whether you need to have credentials or biometric information fed in. Once you fit your premises with these systems, you can rest assured that there will be no unauthorized access to your buildings and your premises will be secured. Additionally, you can monitor the access and progress in real-time, so you will know where your employees are working and utilizing which resources.

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