Grilles and Registers Repair & Installation in Abu Dhabi

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Grilles and registers helps in the movement of the air flow. The difference between grilles and registers is that in registers you can adjust the air flow, while in grilles this is not possible. Registers have dampers that can be adjusted. It is important to have adequate grilles and registers for proper ventilation and air circulation. If they are not installed then the indoor air which over time gets polluted and become humid will have no place to move out. Dust mould, smoke, lead etc can remain inside the building and it will adversely affect you and lead to many diseases. In order to replace the air that is contaminated you have plan the ventilation system properly. Both natural and mechanical ventilation is required to overcome this problem.

Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory, the best air distribution products manufacturer UAE has diverse kinds of grilles and registers which can be placed at different kinds of facilities. Top quality grilles and registers are offered by us. While installing grilles and registers there are many things which you have to consider.

The AC grilles help in circulating the air that is heated or cooled in an optimum manner across the different rooms. Different kind of grilles works differently and disperses the air in diverse ways. In order to install standard grade grilles and the suitable type of grilles you have to purchase the grilles from a reputed and trusted AC grill manufacturer Dubai. Being the leading AC grill manufacturer Dubai, Techanalo can say with assurance that only high quality grilles are sold by us. You will also find varied kinds of grilles and as per your requirement you can choose the one most suitable for you. If you are confused which one to choose we will help you with it. AC grilles should be routinely cleaned as well. You should check it routinely in order to find whether they need to replaced or repaired. While installing the grilles it has to be ensured that the correct sized grilles are installed. Proper measurement is important.

Registers similar to grilles are of different kinds and are part of HVAC system. They are available in diverse designs and sizes. While planning to install the registers you have to find the best fit registers. After measuring the place or the air duct opening in which you plan to install you have to select the registers. The size of the registers is measured by the louvers size. While floor registers can be installed by pushing them into the floor opening, wall registers and ceiling registers are fixed with clips or tension springs. At times registers are also held by screws. Registers which have become defective should be replaced or repaired according to the extent of the damage.

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How To Choose The Right Access Panel Supplier: 6 Things To Look For.

As the world is growing, hence also the privacy concerns are increasing. Science has advanced to a different level were safety and privacy are also highly safeguarded with advanced technologies. Access panel doors have become popular in offices, companies and also homes for better safety assurance.

But before installing a right access panel, there are a lot of things to have a check on. As it is high investment and also serves different purposes, choosing a right access panel can be daunting. Tecnalco, best access panel suppliers in UAE will provide you with the best experience. We believe installing access panel at your place will not only assure safety, it can also boost productivity and happiness as they enforce freedom of privacy.

How to choose the right access panel:

  1. Hiring right access panel supplier in UAE

This can make your half job get done. A right access panel supplier will have various departments to take care of your every concern. They can make suggestions with good explanation suiting your requirement. It will be a good place to start your research to choose, by knowing about the different available options like sound proof, insulated, non insulated access panels.
Tecnalco, best access panel suppliers in UAE will be your best destination to take your place into advanced safety with our guidance. Our materials are customized relative to the requirement of our customers.

  1. Acknowledge the risks.

To acknowledge risks it is important to analyse what you want to protect and what not. It is important to be aware how to unlock and safe guard the protected properties if the system gets jammed. Our team, at Tecnalco, best access panel and air distribution products manufacturer UAE provide proper guidance with trained team to assure safety and deal with the necessary circumstances.

  1. Analyse the vision.

Installing an access panel at your place is a high investment. So analyse the vision to adapt to the future needs for at least 10 years and able to upgrade should be understand.

  1. Clear plan for requirements.

A clear understanding on your want will help you choose the best access panel at your place. List out what you want to remain unchanged and what you want to get replaced. This will provide you the design for your right access panel. A good access panel supplier UAE like ours will satisfy you with different designs for different purposes.

  1. Choosing the right material.

The right material of the access panel is decided upon considering the wall or the floor material and also the purpose. Aluminium access panel is most recommended to prevent any corrosion and climatic changes and materials like fire resistant or sound proof transmission rating material etc. is supported to meet your needs.

  1. Determine the location.

Identifying the location to install the access panel is also crucial. The actual frame of the access panel can only be decided by knowing the space and size required for the access panel.

Ready to secure your space with advanced technologies with variety of options? Trust us to ensure your safety, Tecnalco the best access panel suppliers in UAE.

How to Choose an Ideal Air Filter for Your Room – Get Guidance from the Top Air Filter Supplier in UAE

Air Filters have to be chosen for your room depending on various factors. Knowing about the factors will help you to select the most ideal air filter. Air Filters as the name suggests filters the air from various pollutants, allergens and particles. By installing air filters you can breathe clean fresh air and can remain healthy and free from air borne diseases. Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory, air distribution products manufacturer UAE has diverse types of air filters. We can proudly say that we are the most sought after air filter supplier in UAE.

A few important factors to be considered while selecting air filters for your room are given below.

Size of the room

You have to primarily consider where you are planning to place the air filter. Depending on the space of the room you have to decide what size of air filter is most suitable for your room. Choosing the right size of air filter according to the space will be effective and serve its purpose well and will perform better.

Warranties and customer service

Warranties and customer service offered by the air filter supplier in UAE is a vital factor when you are purchasing air filter or an air purifier. While buying you should ensure that the air filter supplier in UAE will provide both of these. The warranty and customer service ensures that the money you spent on purchasing it will not be wasted and any defects or damages will be sorted out promptly and efficiently.


Cost of the product is another important factor to be considered while purchasing air filter. Air filters come in different price range. You have to choose quality air filter from air distribution products manufacturer UAE according to your budget. Higher the price more will be the performance however you have to choose air filter priced at a rate suitable for you.

Types of air filters

There are various types of air filters available in the market. Some of them include:

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) – which are very efficient filters and these filters remove almost all types of pollutants like pollen, dust, mould spores etc. Even the tiniest particles are eliminated by these filters. The bigger the size of the filter more the pollutants eliminated by it. They come in varied types of materials and construction and its performance is based on the size, material and construction.

Carbon Filters – absorbs gasses and odors. They help in eliminating smell of fumes, smoke, food, chemicals etc. They are often used along with other kinds of filters.

UV filters – another type of air filer which ensures that the air is sterile and clean.

With several kinds of filters available you have to choose the right type of filter or combination of filters according to your specific purpose. Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory, air filter supplier in UAE has many options of air filters from which you can choose the one which will serve your specific purpose.


Each model of air filter and air purifier may have to be serviced differently. Air filters in the purifiers have to be constantly changed. The components of the air filter and air purifier have to checked and replaced if there is any damage. It is vital to choose a seller who have good technical knowledge and who will provide excellent maintenance. Being professional air distribution products manufacturer UAE, Tecnalco offers unparalleled maintenance service.

Are Fire Dampers a Legal Requirement?

Fire dampers help in halting the spread of fire. They automatically close when the temperature of an area rises. Fire dampers are fixed usually near the walls and on the floors. Fire dampers are a part of the air distribution system. Air Distribution helps in the maintenance of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system. Various types of air distribution system include dampers, coils, fans, filters, ducts etc. There are different types of fire dampers available in the market. A good quality fire damper stops and extinguishes even a small fire. Dampers are necessary in industries and areas where there is constant threat of fire. It is important to install fire dampers in all air transfer openings regardless of rating or in non-ducted walls. They are not compulsory to be installed at all penetrations of shaft enclosures and rated floor assemblies. Fire dampers are to be installed in places where air ducts penetrate walls that are rated for 2-hours or more. Fire dampers are a legal requirement. Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory, trusted and renowned air distribution products manufacturer UAE and fire damper manufacturer UAE, have fire dampers which can be installed anywhere as per your requirement and space.

When you are installing fire dampers you have to primarily look at how many fire dampers are required for your property. If the property already has fire dampers then the number of them and where they are to be installed should be checked. After that it has to be checked whether the already installed fire dampers is working properly and is fitted correctly. Dampers which are not working properly and which are not fitted properly should be corrected. It is a legal requirement to test fire dampers and testing has to be scheduled routinely as per the code of practice. Testing is usually done using the drop testing method. Fire dampers should be installed in such way that allows cleaning and testing possible. Often people make the mistake of installing fire dampers and then making the ductwork inaccessible by constructing things like false ceilings, stairs and walls. This makes testing and cleaning impossible. Compliance cannot be done with this type of carelessness. In such cases fire dampers have to be reinstalled and ductwork work has to be remodelled. Access points are important for all fire dampers. Ventilation system has to installed and designed in such a way which eliminates all future problems and issues.

In order to have proof of compliance proper paper work and documentation have to be done during drop testing, maintenance and cleaning. This can be done by taking photos of fire dampers and ductwork before, after and during the testing. The evidence can be submitted as and when required to the authorities. It is important to keep in mind that non-compliance to the rules is a serious offence.

If you are looking for the best air distribution products manufacturer UAE or for the leading fire damper manufacturer UAE, Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory is at your service.

Importance of Using Fire Dampers in Commercial Areas

Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory Tecnalco -UAE

The word ‘dampers’ refers to products set up in HVAC ductwork to keep flames from propagating in the ductwork. From a safety point of view, it is essential to stop the occurrence of smoke or fire spreads at commercial buildings. As a Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory Tecnalco -UAE, we know how significant it is to use the product commercially as well.

Installed in HVAC system ducts, automatic fire dampers would automatically shut one or more doors in the damper when a rise in temperature is detected. This will keep smoke or fire from spreading through the ducts to the other areas of the commercial building, which uses this passive fire protection device. The importance of using this product is evident from how it works. Nevertheless, in the capacity of being a Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory Tecnalco , we will take a closer look at this topic.

Reasons to Use Fire Dampers at a Commercial Setting

Active fire protection products such as sprinklers can reduce the speed of spreading fire and help with occupant evacuation. However, those forms of fire protection devices alone cannot keep gases or smoke from spreading. For your information, one of the leading causes of unnatural death in commercial fire occurrences is the act of smoke or gas spreading. Operating passive fire dampers do not require the utilization of electricity. Instead, in the case of an increase in temperature, a thermal element or core would melt to allow for spring-operated damper doors or blades to close. You may want to go for horizontal or vertical damper options, according to how these shut the ducting system. Each damper type suits different applications.

It takes only a few seconds for a tiny flame to just grow and be a major occurrence of fire. Cutting off all the possible passageways where flames can travel will allow containing the situation to a single location. This will help to ensure that a building is fireproof. Being fireproof means that you will have one less thing to worry about even on holidays.

On the other hand, the utilization of motorized smoke fire dampers is to prevent the propagation of smoke through the ventilation system of a building. The dampers are typically situated in the ductwork and work by shutting off at the time of smoke detection. As with a fire occurrence, smoke is also likely to propagate fast through a commercial building. In a fire incident, one of the leading reasons for death is smoke inhalation. It is important to keep smoke inhalation from happening to keep your building occupants safe at the time of evacuation. This is where motorized smoke fire dampers have a big role to play.

Install The Best Fire Dampers Today for Your Commercial Building

Are you planning on building an HVAC or ducting system? If so, be sure to add fire dampers to your plans. When you have any doubt about which damper variety to choose, consider contacting a Aluminium Technical Engineering Factory Tecnalco as well. For instance, we offer high-grade fire and safety products as well as have competent staffers to help you pick the right damper for your building or application.

Sound Attenuator and Commercial Industries: How It Works?

Sound Attenuators Manufacturers in UAE

A sound attenuator is also called a sound trap, duct silencer, or muffler. It is a noise control system of the Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) network that is designed for the reduction of noise through the ductwork that gets either from equipment in any building or occupied spaces.

There are different designs and types of HVAC duct silencers and sound attenuators in a system offered by Aluminium technical engineering factory- tecnalco. You may select from a wide range of customized or standard sound attenuator systems for residential or commercial industries that satisfy the needs of the application. The noise caused by HVAC systems becomes too high and the ventilation areas of buildings, enclosures, and equipment rooms become very noisy. The controlling measures include silencers and louvers into the system design that makes the space free from any additive noises. HVAC systems are noisy with the sounds of the electrical and mechanical devices. There are rectangular and circular sound attenuators available for absorbing the sound in the air stream and removing the HVAC noise. The sound produced by HVAC systems is very distractive and the proper installation of sound control systems can ensure the smooth and noise-free working of systems.

Cause of Noise

There are ample reasons for which HVAC systems can become noisy. These systems have an in-built sound absorption technique embedded for keeping the sound low. There are millions of air pockets contained in the Sound Attenuators Manufacturers in UAE. that reduce the noise with the absorption of the passage of acoustic energy. The fans also produce noise with the air vibration and movement of fins. The pressure drop causes the air changes in the system that is a cause of producing the annoying noise. The loose fixing of bolts and nuts even produces a loud noise.

Types of Sound attenuators for HVAC Systems

Cylindrical attenuators: These are fitted in the ducts for 犀利士 silencing the noise from inside. These come with a spinning head with a tail that has the shape of a cone. The circular attenuator has two walls.

Rectangular attenuators: These are fitted over the HVAC system for noise reduction. These include dissipative silencers delivering acoustic energy with sound-absorbing media installed inside them.

In the interior wall of the sound attenuators is the insulation made for reducing the sound to a minimum level. The noise is reduced and the pressure changes in an HVAC system are maintained for making the system flow with ease.

Working of a Sound Attenuator

Sound attenuators are used as an important part of the HVAC system and these are installed to get the best effects for noise cancellation. The Sound attenuators are suggested to be installed by aluminium technical engineering factory-tecnalco, at the time of installation of the HVAC system. The insulation varies in thickness depending on the frequency of the sound produced. Sound attenuation is increased by the enhanced length of the attenuator that controls the HVAC system pressure. Regular maintenance of the system is carried out for reducing the noise and maintaining a check that there are no loose fittings in the maintenance systems.

The silencers are backed by independent testing systems in the laboratory and have applications in the following areas:

  • Commercial, Institutional or Industrial HVAC duct systems
  • Air handling units
  • Cooling towers
  • Fan Inlet and Discharge

Tecnalco Aluminium Technical Engineering is one of the renowned air distribution products manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE. It works for the special designs and ideas for AC systems that meet the international quality standards. They are the oldest and the largest producers of air distribution products with a specialty as sound attenuators manufacturers in UAE. The company offers customer-durable segments, grilles, diffusers, attenuators, fire dampers, jet diffusers, access doors, exhaust valves, volume control dampers, and many other products.

The company is renowned for rendering trusted services by installing products that are manufactured with the best quality material for flawless working. All the products are tested by ITS testing services (Cortland, NY) that are the main standard for air distribution services distribution. The growing need for HVAC machinery in the UAE market has made Technalco a leader in the related products and the futuristic growth of the company is guaranteed with the smooth day-to-day operations for meeting the customer needs well.