How to Accurately Gauge Airflow at an Air Vent

A comfortable and healthy atmosphere must always be maintained indoors, which means that sufficient airflow is crucial. Air vents and flow bar diffusers are essential for controlling airflow in HVAC systems. For HVAC performance optimization and spotting potential problems influencing interior air quality, it’s essential to precisely measure the airflow at air vents. In this blog, we’ll look at practical techniques for measuring airflow at air vents and explain why hiring Tecnalco, a reputable HVAC manufacturer in the UAE, is the ideal option for high-quality flow bar diffusers.

How to accurately gauge airflow at an air vent

  1. Use an Anemometer

Anemometer is a portable instrument that is used to gauge airflow. Place the anemometer next to the air vent and use it to gauge the air’s velocity as it enters or leaves the vent. Make sure the vent is clear and the airflow is constant when taking the readings to get reliable results. Airflow rates can be quickly and accurately estimated with an anemometer.

  1. Use a flow hood


Specialized equipment known as flow hoods are used to measure airflow at air vents. These gadgets are made up of a capture hood and a digital flow meter. When using a flow hood, place the cover over the vent so that the flow meter can accurately measure the amount of air flowing through the vent. HVAC experts often use flow hoods for thorough airflow analysis.

  1. Use a Pitot tube

Another tool used to measure airflow velocity is a Pitot tube. The idea behind this equipment is that the speed and pressure of moving air are inversely related. You can gauge the pressure differential between the tube’s open end and the side holes by putting the Pitot tube into the airflow stream at the vent. This measurement assists in precisely calculating the airflow’s velocity.


Maintaining a cozy and healthy home atmosphere depends on accurately measuring airflow through air vents. You can measure the airflow velocity precisely by utilizing anemometers, flow hoods, or Pitot tubes. When looking for flow bar diffusers in the UAE, Technalco stands out as a trustworthy HVAC manufacturer that provides premium products, cutting-edge technology, exceptional customization possibilities, and first-rate customer service.

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